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Augmented Reality Technology for At-Home Design

Maticad brings the power of augmented reality technology into your customers' homes and lets them visualize your products, applied to their floors and walls, in real-time.

Using AR technology is simple:

  1. Take a picture of a room
  2. Tap the surface you want to change
  3. Choose a new material (Ceramic tile, porcelain tile, marble, granite, carpet, laminates, wallpaper, paint, and more)
  4. See the material applied to your living space in real-time

Check out AR technology with RealityRemod, a simple and intuitive AR app available on all Smartphones and Tablets.


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Want to know more about our products?

To talk to our sales team about pricing and conditions, or to find out more about how Maticad can work for you and your business, send us a message.
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RealityRemod gives your customers the power to quickly preview various wall and flooring alternatives in their home as they would appear in real life.

Real Product Catalogues

Manufacturers can work with us to make their products available within RealityRemod. To learn more about placing your products within the app, please email us at

Customizable for your Business

RealityRemod can be customized and branded for your business. Utilize this innovative technology while maintaining the trust and familiarity of your brand with your existing customers.

RealityRemod in Action

Examples of customized augmented reality apps created for our clients can be downloaded from the App Store:

App Porcelanosa

App Iris

Click here to connect to AppStore and download Porcelanosa Viewer.

Click here to connect to AppStore and download IrisGroup AR.

RealityRemod is a Patent Pending technology 

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