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Ceramic Tile Maintenance and Care: no more impossible grout

From our partners at GEAL, advice for the easy and correct cleaning of tiles post-installation

Cleaning grout residues after tile installation is often a difficult and time-consuming process. EPOSOLV, from the GEAL products of the Sistema Gres Line, is undoubtedly one of the most interesting innovations for the rapid and effective removal of excesses and residues of any type of epoxy grout, even those aged and hardened for a long time.

The product is a special cleaner based on organic acids in a thickened aqueous solution, containing surfactant and water-soluble solvents, expressly formulated for porcelain stoneware and tested by the laboratories of the CRS (Research and Development Center - GEAL) on the most widespread new generation epoxy mortars on the market.

But how does EPOSOLV work?
It selectively attacks the polymer component of the grout, even if already hardened, disrupts it and facilitates its detachment in just 10-15 minutes after application. Thanks to the thickened formulation it is also applicable on vertical coatings, allowing a controlled and prolonged action. Let's think for example of how many cases have so far remained unsolved on mosaics, glass or ceramics, when the epoxy grout residues have not been removed in due time and, once hardened, have become resistant to any conventional "specific cleaner".

EPOSOLV is a unique product on the market, easy and safe, irreplaceable for the installer and for the cleaning company, often called upon to solve complicated and now no longer "impossible" situations. Like the other products in the Gres System Line, EPOSOLV is a water-based formulation and complies with current regulations.