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Discover the DomuS3D Online Guide

Knowledge Base is the DomuS3D 24/7 online assistance, always available to help you design


Maticad has created a website for DomuS3D users 100% dedicated to support and assistance: the DomuS3D Online Guide.

The DomuS3D Online Guide offers users a helping hand so they can overcome doubts and difficulties at any point in their design process. The Maticad support team works constantly on keeping the Online Guide up-to-date, writing new articles on the latest program features and adding in-depth explanations on the most important commands. The Online Guide is there to help you become an expert in DomuS3D, helping you improve your skills and speed up your designing and rendering so you can be more convincing in the showroom and more successful when selling your products.

You can open the Online Guide directly from within the DomuS3D Starter by clicking on the Help button and typing a keyword or question, for example “rendering”, in the search bar.

You can also access the Online Guide from the Live! Page in DomuS3D by typing your search term in the support section.

And, lastly, the Online Guide is always available online at this link.

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