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A Simple and Intuitive Tool for Online Design

TilePlanner is an online design tool created for Manufacturers, Distributors, and Dealers. With Tileplanner, you can captivate your customers by letting them design new rooms without leaving their home.

Designing a new room is easy:

  • Create a 2D layout
  • Browse, choose, and insert furnishing items or configure modular furniture
  • Browse, choose, and apply patterns and materials to walls and floors
  • Navigate custom-designed rooms with high-quality 3D visualizer
  • Save projects to the cloud for access anytime, anywhere

Give your customers the power to turn their dreams into reality.

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Interactive Design

Our simple user interface, drag & drop functionality, and easy to navigate menu ensure that you and your customers can stay focused on working quickly and efficiently.

Customizable for your Business

Tileplanner can be customized and branded for your business and is designed to be integrated into your website. Let your customers browse your catalogues, insert your products directly into their designs, and buy your products through e-commerce integration.

Easy Integration

Tileplanner is integrated with DomuS3D: take a project started in TilePlanner and use our Professional Design Software to refine it. With DomuS3D, you can provide more accurate and advanced solutions and generate photorealistic renderings and virtual reality previews of your project.

TilePlanner in Action

Examples of customized integrated versions of TilePlanner created for our clients can be seen by clicking on the logos below:

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