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Online Guide: Backlighting

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Adding backlighting behind a mirror or a drop ceiling is easy. Follow these simple steps to create this effect in your own designs.
After inserting a mirror into your project, make sure it is detached from the wall by around 1 cm.
Create a new object with dimensions slightly smaller than the back of the mirror (for example, if your mirror measures 100 cm x 70 cm, you can make the new object 98 cm by 68 cm). Give it a depth of around 3 mm.
Next, position this object behind the mirror so that it does not protrude from any of the sides. Detach this new object from the wall by a few millimeters so that it is positioned roughly in the center of the space between the mirror and the wall.

Next, assign the “Selfillumination” material to the new object behind the mirror. The quickest way to do this is in the Layout window.

In the “Materials” tab of the Components window, search for the “Selfillumination” material. Select this material and drag it onto the object behind the mirror. Once you drop the material onto the object, a window will appear with a list of the surfaces that make up the object. Select all the available surfaces and click OK.
That’s it! The operation is now complete and you can enjoy the final result when rendering your scene.

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