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Online Guide: DomuS3D 2019 New Features

Discover all the hidden features of DomuS3D


The release of the newest version of DomuS3D introduces many new features (here is a complete list) to the program, especially when it comes to the Layout Module, which has been completely redesigned. DomuS3D users can now design with even greater speed and precision: you can add and modify splayed windows and clearings, tile external walls, easily create niches and openings, and much more.
To help you learn how to use these new features, we’ve prepared a series of short video tutorials which you can find here or on our YouTube page alongside all the other videos from the Maticad universe.

Edit thickness

Modeling Walls: Add corner

Modeling Walls: Add hollow

Modeling walls: add oblique hollow

Creating interior walls

Subdivide room

How to insert a shed ceiling

How to insert a vaulted ceiling

Merge two rooms into one single room

Furniture and 3D objects