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Online Guide: How to access online technical specifications for products in DomuS3D

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With the goal of providing an ever-growing wealth of information surrounding the products present in the DomuS3D digital furnishing and tile libraries, it is now possible to access manufacturers’ websites from within DomuS3D so you can consult the technical specifications and detailed information found online for the product that you’ve selected.

To use this feature, select the article for which you’d like to access more information from within the Components window. Then, click on the WebInfo button as shown in the image below. This will open a link in your web browser leading to the manufacturer’s website.

For tiles, the page found at the WebInfo link will be most likely be the page dedicated to the collection to which the tile belongs. For furnishing items, the link will usually refer you to the page that contains technical specifications for the item, where you can find useful information for installation, as well.

These links are constantly updated by Maticad; however, you may find that for a specific item, the relevant link has not yet been provided by the manufacturer. In that case, the WebInfo link will take you to the home page of the manufacturer’s website. If you find this is the case for one of your suppliers, please reach out to your contact at the supplier and put them in contact with the Maticad team so they can provide us with the necessary link. This will help us in our quest to continue growing the efficacy and utility of our program.

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