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Online Guide: How to create a slanted wood beam ceiling

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To quickly insert wood beams onto a slanted ceiling in DomuS3D, follow the below steps:

First, open up the “Wall 2D” view for one of the walls showing the slanted ceiling:

In the CAD tab of the main ribbon, click on the Polyline tool. Draw the outline of the wood beam that you want to create by using the snapping points present.

If you cannot draw a slanted line, hit the “O” key on your keyboard to deactivate orthogonality. This will allow you to draw slanted lines.

Once you have drawn the outline of your wood beam, right click on the outline and select “Create object”.

A window will appear which will let you name your object and set its height.

“Height”, in this case, should be intended to mean the extension into the 3rd dimension of your 2D outline. The object will be created starting flush with the wall and extending outwards into the room at the length of this specified “height”.

Once you’ve created the object, you should refresh your view, using the “Update” button found in the “Wall” tab of the Ribbon.

Now that you’ve created the wood beam, you can apply any material that you wish to its surfaces.

After applying a material to the wood beam, you can copy it and position multiple copies across the ceiling as desired.

DomuS3D lets you easily duplicate furnishing items, objects, groups, and lights in an array: the necessary command is only available in the Layout window.

Right click on your wood beam in the Layout window and select “Duplicate” and then “Array”.

This command will open a window that lets you indicate the desired distance between each object. If you are dealing with a circular series, you should also indicate the angle of rotation around the central object, however, this is not necessary here.

In the “Number of Instances” field, specify the number of copies (including the original) that you want to create.

When you hit the “Apply” button, you will have a preview of the array; if you need to modify it, either changing the distance between the objects or changing the number of instances, simply click “Apply” again to refresh the preview. Once you reach your desired result, click on “OK” to confirm your newly created array.

With these simple steps, you can quickly create a slanted wood beam ceiling.

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