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Online Guide: New features in DomuS3D 2019 – R2

Discover all the hidden features of DomuS3D


If you are using DomuS3D 2019, we recommend taking a minute to check if you are using the latest release (R2 – build 919). If you are using the first release (R1 - build 917), we recommend updating your DomuS3D for free to take advantage of the new features listed below.

How to install the R2 upgrade patch

Open the program while connected to the internet.

Click on the link found in the green banner at the top of the Live! page.

This link will open a page from which you can launch the download and open the support article listing the latest features available in R2.

Once you download the installation file, close DomuS3D and double click on the file to launch the installation.

New Features


The Create Room command: when you draw a room using a polyline, the program asks you to indicate the width of the wall, giving you the chance to set a different value from the default one (available in the options window) or the one you set at the start of the new project.

Improvements made to the creation of a new room in the presence of small wall indents.

It is now possible to insert circular or arched openings in the dividing walls in your room.

Simplified procedures for moving a room. When you have to move two rooms next to one another, it is now possible to use hooking points to precisely position your rooms using only your mouse.

You can now insert windows into sloped ceilings.

Auto-complete function when setting up sloped ceilings. If you don’t know the height of all the corners of the room, the program will automatically calculate the missing heights.

Tiling Features

It is now possible to insert a vertical tiling pattern corresponding to the right corner of the wall.


When you convert a lamp into a spotlight, the default values for each characteristic of this new light are automatically set.

When you subdivide a room, the program automatically inserts lights in the correct position in each room.

Bug fix

Fixed issues found when changing the visibility of external walls.

Fixed issues related to shaping wall functions.

Fixed bugs related to the creation of sloped ceilings when inserting tracing lines.

Furniture and 3D objects