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Online Guide: Rendering from a viewpoint positioned outside of a room

A simple trick to get effective renderings for small rooms


When you are working with particularly small rooms, it may be necessary to position your viewpoint outside of the scene. Before you do this, you must deactivate the “show external walls” command from the Options window of the program.
If there are doors, windows, or other objects attached to the “transparent” wall, it is recommended that you hide (or temporarily eliminate) these objects for the rendering phase of your project so that these objects will not present any obstructions to your viewpoint.

Close the navigation window and/or the preview window, if open, and open the Options window by clicking the OPTION icon in the Ribbon; Open the Navigation and Rendering tab and uncheck the “Show external walls” option;

This will turn off the display of external walls and the thickness of a room’s perimeter walls while in navigation mode, and thus allows you to see inside a room from an externally positioned viewpoint.

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