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Pattern Builder, create custom patterns tile by tile

Pattern Builder is an online design tool that lets you create custom patterns and vignettes, tile by tile.

Designed specifically for configurable tile collections that thrive on the interplay of color and shape, Pattern Builder gives you the possibility to play, invent, and express your distinctive style through custom tile creations.

Pattern Builder can be integrated on your company’s website.

TRY Pattern Builder!

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Versatile and easy to use

Using Pattern Builder couldn’t be easier: simply drag and drop shapes into your workspace and line them up using automatic snaps. You can rotate them, change their color, copy or delete them, all with the simple icons that appear when you select a tile in your pattern.

Each time you add a new tile to your design, Pattern Builder will automatically analyze your pattern to see if it can be repeated.

With unparalleled flexibility and the possibility to use complex shapes, Pattern Builder gives you free range to be you.

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