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Our Products

We offer software, web apps, and mobile apps that are fast and easy to use, designed to help you and your business save time, personalize your service, and convert design projects into concrete sales. From our industry leading professional software DomuS3D, to our online design tool TilePlanner, to our newest Augmented Reality Technology, available in our AR App RealityRemod, we have a solution to match your needs. If you aren't sure which product is right for you, or if you want to learn more about our products, contact our sales team at


For you and your business


Real Product Catalogues

From major manufacturers all over the world


Fully Integrated

Easily share projects across platforms


Virtual Reality

Offering immersive previews of your designs


Want to know more about our products?

To talk to our sales team about pricing and conditions, or to find out more about how Maticad can work for you and your business, send us a message.