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Project of the Month – October

Free download of complete project for DomuS3D


This month’s project, an elegant classic style bathroom by Devon&Devon, is now available for download from the Live! page in DomuS3D. Devon&Devon's unique, original and timeless trend interprets beauty in many different ways and infuses this beauty in great, classic contemporary pieces inspired by styles which are distant in space and time: the designs of the Victorian age and the 1800s in France, Liberty style, the Jazz era, la Dolce Vita, Hollywood, la Belle Epoque and the 50s.

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Technical Details:

Rendering dimensions: 4410x2517 pixel
Area: 20.6 sqm
Number of items used: 92
Tiles with BUMP: YES
Materials with BUMP: YES

Download it and make it your own.

Follow these simple steps.


DomuS3D Technical Support Team

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