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Taking Care of Tiles: no more stains or marks on your tile floor

Discover how to keep your tile looking brand new with our partner GEAL, experts in the treatment, restoration, and maintenance of building materials.

How many times is the laying of high-quality tile marred by shoddy grouting or the presence of residue or limescale that seem impossible to remove? In the vast majority of cases, this “irreversible” damage can be easily fixed by simply using the right product, and an expensive tiling job can return to its original beauty.

SOLVACID, a specialty detergent and best-seller of the “Sistema Gres” product line by GEAL, gives you the assurance and peace of mind to be able to completely remove any type of cement grout residue from porcelain tile using one single product. When dealing with the latest types of grout, often containing extra resistant polymers and pigments, a simple wash with “buffered acid” isn’t enough to eliminate those leftover traces of calcium, cement, color, and the rest. Removing these residual traces is even more important when dealing with especially light or dark polished materials, where even the smallest stain or discoloration, can become highly visible and unbearable to look at.

SOLVACID can be used during the final clean of a building site, effective even after only a few days from laying new tile, or for the long-term maintenance of surfaces. You can undertake a thorough deep clean that eliminates every trace of residue or buildup, even those generated by the incorrect use of unsuitable cleaning or maintenance products on your floor.

Remove mineral deposits, grease and oil stains, residual grout, cement and color, all thanks to this dual action cleaner: solvent on greases and resins and decalcifying on cement mineral buildups. SOLVACID is water based, ready-to-use, and safe for the environment and for the user, created with select ingredients complying with all environmental regulations.