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Thank you for visiting Maticad at CERSAIE 2019

Maticad would like to thank everyone who came to visit us at CERSAIE


The 2019 edition of Cersaie was, as usual, full of new developments and technology. Maticad was proud to present several innovative products and new features in a number of areas, each with the goal to simplify the life of our users and make their daily work more efficient.

We previewed some of the newest updates which will available in DomuS3D 2020, including revamped graphics for our most important features. Our users were excited about the possibility of displaying interactive, high-quality virtual navigation graphics on a second monitor, letting them design while simultaneously presenting a realistic preview of their work to their clients. The newest immersive reality features garnered interest, as well, as they give users and their clients the opportunity to experience the designed environment as if it were real-life, entering into a design and perceiving size, space, and aesthetics in innovative new ways.

Further excitement centered around the presentation of our modular furniture configurator, which will be available in the future versions of DomuS3D and online within TilePlanner, offering a suite of interconnected and scalable applications that create a one-of-a-kind software platform for the furnishing industry.

We were proud to present our innovative new digital tile display, Sight Surface, developed in partnership with Voilàp Digital. With Sight Surface, consumers can view digital renderings of real-size tiles on a 4K 86” display, giving them the opportunity to evaluate each and every detail of the tile’s surface and while also seeing how it would look installed in a room. Sight Surface virtually extends the display space found within the showroom, leading to a more complete, interactive, and satisfactory sales experience for the consumer.

With the development and release of TileInspector and 3DInspector, Maticad aims to give manufacturers a new online tool that lets their clients not only view, but interact in high-quality, detailed 3D with products on their website. The realism and graphic quality of our new product visualizers are built to enhance and promote products in the digital age.

Within our stand at this year’s Cersaie, we were happy to host TileScout, the largest online showcase for ceramic tiles. Thanks to TileScout, affiliated flooring and tile retailers can be discovered and geolocated by architects, designers, professionals, and consumers browsing daily on, searching for the flooring and wall materials that match the needs of their next project.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all who came to visit us at Cersaie, those who came to see our latest updates and those who came to meet us personally. A special thank you goes to our clients who provided feedback, made new requests, and pushed us to continue improving, innovating, and developing. We will take your suggestions into careful consideration as we continue creating and optimizing products that respond to your daily needs.

We’ll look forward to seeing you again soon – our next stop will be at Cevisama in Valencia, Spain, from February 3 – 7, 2020.