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Tile Calculator

Quickly calculate the tiles needed to cover surfaces with the most popular patterns

Maticad Tile Calculator

The Maticad Tile Calculator is a simple tool that lets you quickly calculate the exact quantities of materials that you need to cover your surface using a specific pattern.

How it works:

  • Choose the laying pattern you want to use from the hundreds available in DomuS3D
  • Specify the measurements of the surface you want to cover, together with the tile size, grout and waste factor
  • Calculate the quantities and save the project to your computer so you can load it back into the tool anytime you need

Try it below with a limited set of patterns!

Maticad Tile Calculator is made using DomuS3D technology.

Integrate Tile Calculator on your web site!

You can add the Maticad Tile Calculator directly to your website and give your customers this useful tool for their own measurements and calculations

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